World YWCA Day 2023: Every Safe Space Has a Story

Every year on April 24, YWCAs worldwide celebrate World YWCA Day. This year, for #WorldYWCADay2023, we highlight the power of YWCA safe spaces to build community and advance human rights. We invite all #YWCALeaders to join the global celebration under the theme: “Every Safe Space Has a Story.”

As one of the oldest and largest feminist, faith-based organizations. it was in 1855 when YWCA first provided safe housing to young women in London seeking employment. This marked the earliest concept of YWCA Safe Spaces. Today, YWCAs in local communities in over 100 countries from every region continue to provide safe spaces, serving over 25 million women, young women, and girls of all ages. While the idea behind YWCA Safe Spaces first came to life as an actual physical space, the practice has evolved into any space where women, young women, and girls can come together, share, listen, and actively engage with each other in a safe manner.

Mark this special occasion and share your stories around safe spaces. What comes to your mind when you think of “safe spaces”? What incident, experience, or anecdote can you recall regarding your first safe space, your best safe space, a space you felt yourself for the first time, or even a space where you explored the idea of safety beyond yourself?
Because every safe space has a story, we invite you to engage with the YWCA movement this World YWCA Day 2023 by bringing to light YOUR safe space story.

Read the tool to find more information on the theme, ideas on celebrating the day, and engaging in social media with visuals and social media covers in the tool.

Don’t forget to engage on social media using the hashtag #YWCALeaders #WorldYWCADay2023.

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