World YWCA – YMCA Week of Prayer & World Fellowship 2021: “Beauty from Brokenness”.

Join us to observe and engage in the World YWCAYMCA Week of Prayer and World Fellowship from 7- 13 November 2021 under the theme: “Beauty from Brokenness“.

While the ongoing global pandemic continues to impact our everyday lives and present new changes and challenges, the World Week of Prayer’s theme invites us to reflect on the process of healing and restoration. Inspired by the Japanese concept of Kintsugi, the theme focuses on the beauty in imperfection and sees repair and breakage of an object as a part of its story and transformation. This beautiful idea can apply to our life experiences and how we overcome our challenges and learn from them. This year’s theme also reflects on how God’s light can heal brokenness and burst through, reaching out to those around us.

As we are in the process of healing and restoration from the pandemic, we continue to serve our communities with the spirit of forgiveness and inclusiveness, ensuring dignity for all and celebrating God’s unconditional love for us during this time of renewal.

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