World YWCA Day 2021: A Celebration of YWCA Leaders.

Every year on April 24, YWCAs around the world celebrate World YWCA Day. For 160 years, YWCA leaders and pioneers have taken action in communities to make human rights a reality. For World YWCA Day 2021, we will celebrate the individual leaders that make up our powerful and longstanding global movement, the theme for this year is: “A Celebration of YWCA Leaders.”

Take this opportunity to celebrate leaders who inspired you, supported and empowered you to be a leader in your community and beyond, to be the change you want to see.

Read the tool to find more information on the theme, ideas on how to celebrate the day, and how to engage in social media with visuals and social media covers in the tool.

Dont forget to engage on social media using the hashtag #YWCALeaders #WYD2021. 

Download the toolkit in: