The, World YWCA’s Young Women-Led Feminist Consultation Methodology Guide

Welcome to the Feminist Consultation Methodology!

We are excited for this guide to support your work in engaging and co-creating with young women. If this is your first time using the Methodology, we recommend reviewing this guide in full to develop a robust understanding. This guide is a great source of in-depth explanations and contains many tools and templates to get you started. We urge you to adapt them as needed to meet the vision of your consultation. These are not one-size-fits-all since every individual and organisation has different needs! Regardless of the consultation you design, be sure to centre the voices of young women and prioritise diversity, equity, access, and inclusion.

This guide is to present information so that it is accessible and inclusive. When we say “you”, we are referring to whoever you are—a member of a volunteer group, a non-profit organisation, a student research group, a corporation, an individual, or a community leader. You may be a first-time researcher or you may have lots of past experience. When we say “we”, we are referring to World YWCA and the co-creators of this Methodology who now use it regularly.

In the spirit of co-creation and taking the feminist approach, we encourage you to incorporate stories and quotes into your consultation where possible. Not only will this provide credibility and strengthen your research but it is also a way of acknowledging the contributions of your participants. If you come across a powerful learning or story during your consultation
process, we invite you to share it with us to help evolve this Methodology. This Methodology is a continual learning journey for all of us and was created by young women for young women.

Let’s walk this journey together…