Nirmala Gurung

Research and Engagement Associate for Rise Up! Leadership Initiative in Asia-Pacific (Nepal)

Nirmala is a passionate, detail-oriented, grassroots-driven advocate who has been part of World YWCA since 2018 in various capacities. She is a YWCA leader who has showcased the power of investing in young women’s leadership and has also done a lot of work under our ecumenical identity.

Nirmala’s work within the YWCA has its root in the YWCA of Nepal. She specialises in co-designing, implementation, evaluation and youth-led evidence generation. She is a firm believer in the YWCA model of young women’s leadership and has extensively spoken about breaking formal and informal power structures. For many years, she has delivered training for young women through communities and national levels on issues that matter to them- sexual and reproductive health and rights, mental health, gender justice, and more. As a human-rights advocate, Nirmala has been working with youth across Asia for a long time.

Nirmala holds a Master’s degree in Rural Development from Tribhuvan University, Nepal. With her current role as a RESEARCH AND ENGAGEMENT ASSOCIATE, she will guide and support the work under evidence-based storytelling, streamlined communications and coordination, and provide support to manage a technical pool of assistance. Her skills, experiences, understanding and in-depth knowledge of the YWCAs in the region will complement the Global Engagement and Impact team in meeting the objectives of Phase IV of the RiseUp! Leadership initiative in Asia-Pacific.