Elise Gebrayel

Board member (Lebanon)

Elise Gebrayel joined the YWCA of Lebanon since she was 15 years old (13 years ago) as a volunteer in fundraising events. After digging more in the movement and attending many youth camping events and leadership programs, she found herself as youth mentor and the chair of the fundraising committee in her local association that promotes gender equality, empower women to be change makers, mentoring new youth members and organizing fundraising events.

Believing in making a difference, she managed to stepped from regional and national levels into international levels. She always fought for women’s right and equality since she was a child and she is very passionate about gender equality and supporting impoverished families.

She holds a bachelor degree in Nutrition and a baccalaureate diploma in piano. She is the founder of Fur Elise music school, a private piano tutor (worldwide/online) and a music introduction instructor for kids.