Adrianna Sosa

Board member (Haiti)

Adrianna Sosa is certified by Bocconi University in corporate sustainability as well as entrepreneurship and is currently working as an Administrator for an import/export company in Haiti. She has received two consecutive awards for Outstanding Academic Achievement and has graduated school as a Valedictorian.  In her free time, besides advocating for better conditions for young women and girls, she is probably lost in a book, or practicing her photography.
Having been raised in a small household consisting of two women, her mother and grandmother, Adrianna has grown up to be a feminist with a keen sense of independence and ambition.  She has volunteered in rehabilitation programs for the handicapped, participated in events hosted by the Rotary Club, and has been actively involved at the YWCA Haiti since 2015. As of 2019, she was nominated  as a World Board member at the Word Council that took place in  South Africa. Since then, she has contributed to the  academic support and life skills programs by giving her input on the different topics that need to be addressed with the young girls in Haiti.
 She is an open-minded person, who always looks out for the empowerment of youth, and especially young women. Through her experience as a YWCA Haiti volunteer and board member, she has learned a lot about the reality of young Haitian women and girls and has continuously used her platform as a young photographer and aspiring change maker to voice their stories and advocate for the respect of their rights.