Introducing ‘Voices of Hope, Actions for Peace’: An Inspiring New Film by World YWCA

We are excited to announce the World YWCA’s new documentary, ‘Voices of Hope, Actions for Peace, Women Driving Peace and Justice.’ Premiered earlier this month at Geneva Peace Week 2023, this documentary is about the strength and hope of young women in conflict zones. This powerful film is an integral part of our #BulletAndDove campaign, which aims to raise awareness and support for the critical roles played by women and young women in building peace and promoting justice.

The documentary is a testament to the resilience, leadership, and indomitable spirit of women and young women in conflict-torn and post-conflict zones. It offers a platform for their stories to be heard, going beyond numbers and names to reveal the profound impact of their actions in the pursuit of peace and justice.

From the streets of Afghanistan to the communities in South Sudan, from the struggles in Myanmar to the ongoing conflict in Iraq, Ukraine, and Palestine, ‘Voices of Hope, Actions for Peace’ captures the heart and soul of women’s leadership in these critical areas. Through insightful interviews and compelling narratives, the documentary shines a light on the unique challenges these women face, including emerging threats in the digital realm that impact mental health and community well-being. Their stories are a beacon of hope and a call to action, reminding us of the power and necessity of women’s leadership in the quest for global peace and justice.

Thanks to our collaboration with Norwegian Church Aid and YGlobal, we were able to create this documentary and share these important stories with a wider audience. As part of the #BulletAndDove campaign, our documentary highlights our commitment to amplifying the voices of those who are often marginalised or underrepresented.

As we launch our year-end fundraising campaign, “Voices for Peace,” we invite you to join us in this journey of solidarity and support. Your contributions will provide flexible funding that enables immediate and impactful support for our ongoing efforts in peacebuilding and equality. Every donation brings us closer to a world where peace and justice are not just ideals but realities for women and young women everywhere. DONATE NOW >>

Join us in this crucial endeavour. Together, we can amplify the voices of hope and courage that are driving change in the world’s most challenging environments.