A Call to Advance Action Towards the Bejing Platform for Action to Achieve Gender Equality

As 32 religious actors and networks of faith-based organisations, who are working to achieve the Platform for Action, we want to reconfirm our role and share our recommendations.  These organisations aim to re-energise religious actors from all faiths to make sure it happens.

In 1995, 189 countries adopted the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, a bold and ambitious roadmap for gender equality. Since then, religious actors have been working from the local to the global, to transform gender norms, implement programmes, reform unjust laws and promote gender justice.

As a movement, founded by women from Christian traditions and inspired by core principles of faith that recognise the equal value of all human beings, World YWCA is happy to be part of this network emphasising feminist rights and movements, freedom from gender based violence, right to peace, access to technology and innovation and economic justice for women, young women and girls in all their diversity.

Please read the Faith Communique here and watch the video.